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Roland Textart XT-640



If you're going to utilize the power of one of the best printers in the business, you better fill it with the best inks, too. That's why we only use Roland Texart SBL3 Dye Sublimation Inks in our Roland Textart XT-640 printers.

These extreme quality inks allow us to fill your garments with the most vivid, vibrant, long-lasting colors you've ever seen in the apparel market—we're talking professional, big-brand quality here. Thanks to the Textart XT-640’s 8-color configurations, we have the unique ability to achieve an incredible range of color possibilities—even beautifully blended, silky-smooth gradients. Fluorescent inks for high visibility and style are also available. All are water-based for the softest, most comfortable feel against your skin.

Inks matter. You can rely that we’re using the best of the best on your apparel, paired with the best application available—the Roland Textart XT-640 printer.



It’s all about quality. When it comes to creating custom products that not only look great, but that also stand the test of time, selecting the right printer for the job plays an essential role.

That’s why we only use Roland Printers with dye-sublimation transfer inks, considered the gold standard in apparel printing. The combination yields the most impressive results that you can see and feel.

At SublimationInc we employ the power of the industry-renowned Roland Textart XT-640 printer. It delivers unmatched print quality and reliability on our high-volume production line. The Textart XT-640 is a machine built for accuracy, speed, and the utmost reliability. You’ll rarely find another “value vendor” using a printer of this caliber. We care about quality, so we need a workhorse of a printer that can achieve our high standards time and time again. The Roland Textart XT-640 gets the job done without missing a beat.

Roland Texart SBL3 Dye Sublimation Inks